Wine Pairing of the Week: Rosé & Hot Dogs

Father’s Day Special! Pairing a Baseball game classic with a Summer Rosé

How are you celebrating your Dad for Father’s Day? I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s pairing to all the Dads out there who love the simple things in life: Grilling and Hot Dogs. Hot dogs are typically a “home run” for an easy summer meal which is why I’ve paired them with this light, easy-drinking rosé from Miraval. This rosé is fruity and acidic which balances nicely with the saltiness of a classic hot dog. I typically keep my toppings simple. If you want to add a spicy topping to your hot dogs like chili or spicy mustard, I would suggest pairing with a bubbly rosé instead. Cheers to all the hard-working dads out there!

Wine of the Week: Chateau Miraval Cotes de Provence Rosé

This rosé is a delicate blush pink color and has a bright and floral nose. It tastes dry on the palate with a light mix of strawberries and peach. This is a light and crisp rosé that complements a wide variety of foods so would be a great addition to a grill-out for Father’s day.

Miraval wines was born through a partnership between Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and the Perrins, one of France’s leading wine producing families. Pink wines from Provence are typically much lighter than California rosés, and have become very popular for sipping during the Summer.

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Hot Dogs:

You probably don’t need instructions on how to make a hot dog, just throw it on a grill and you’re done 🙂 I usually fall back on the classic Oscar Mayer hot dogs and keep toppings simple with this Rosé: Onions, mustard, and ketchup.


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