Wine of the Week: German Riesling and Pad Thai

Look no further than this off-dry Riesling to pair with your next Thai craving.

I don’t know about you, but I get some SERIOUS Thai food cravings on a regular basis. I usually can’t resist ordering the most obvious item on every American Thai menu: Pad Thai. This cuisine can be a tricky pairing for wine but you will not regret pairing it with this Riesling from Germany called Clean Slate. This crisp and refreshing Riesling has just enough acidity and sweetness to harmonize the sweet and sour flavors of pad thai. The ABV (alcohol content) is low, so it won’t overwhelm your tastebuds with heat if you like a little spice in your Thai order.

Wine of the Week: Clean Slate Riesling

This off-dry Clean Slate Riesling comes from Mosel, Germany. I typically associate Rieslings with sugary, sweetness overload but this certainly does not go too far on the sweetness spectrum. It is a light gold color that tastes slightly sweet but not overbearing. Bright, crisp, clean, and very enjoyable. It also comes at a great price point under $15 (USD).

Mosel, Germany, is one of 13 German Wine regions and is known for steep slopes overlooking the Mosel river. This region is particularly known for its crisp and citrus rieslings. The slate soil is where the name of this wine comes from. This type of riesling is known to play well with a wide variety of foods, which makes it particularly excellent for spicy Thai dishes.

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Thai Cuisine:

I’m just going to lay it out there: Thai food requires a great deal of patience to cook at home. When my cravings strike, I reach for the phone and order takeout from my favorite local restaurant. If you’re like my friends who lived in Thailand for over a year, you may want to start cooking more Thai food at home. We recently just gifted them the cookbook below, which makes cooking Thai food at home seem less daunting.

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