Grown-Up Easter Baskets (Hint: Wine)

Who says Easter baskets are only for kids? This wine-themed Easter basket is the perfect gift for a friend or significant other. I mean, who can resist a little sparkling wine, chocolate, and relaxation?

Here are some ideas for making the perfect grown-up Easter basket for all the deserving adults in your life!

Metal Basket:

A modern twist to the classic wooden weave basket. These can be re-used as bathroom or bar storage. You can find this one from World Market.

Stemless Flutes:

These gold-dipped glasses are fun and elegant. The gold accent adds some color and charm to an otherwise simple champagne flute. You can also buy these from World Market.

Prosecco (or wine):

Can’t leave those glasses empty! I included an Italian Prosecco. Crisp, fine bubbles, and notes of apples and pears. If you want something that pairs better with chocolate, I would recommend Mumm Demi-Sec, which is slightly sweeter and pairs well with dessert.

Chocolate and Taffy:

Trade out Cadbury Eggs and Jelly Beans for some Chocolate bars and Taffy for a more sophisticated take on your traditional Easter candies. I picked out Lindt dark chocolate and Orthodox Chews taffy from my local grocery store for this basket.

Eye masks

Eye masks pair well with a night of wine and relaxation. And you’re left with hydrated and revitalized skin. Eye and face masks really take wine nights to a whole new level. I love my Sephora masks.

If you want to wrap your basket for easy transport, I’d recommend buying some clear cellophane and tying it at the top with a pastel ribbon.