Wine Country Chick’s Napa Winery Picks

Hello wine lovers! I’m selfishly writing this post because I receive this same question almost daily, which is “Which wineries should I visit in Napa!?”. It’s no secret that escaping to wine country is one of my favorite activities, so you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for recommendations.

Before we begin, if you’ve never been to Napa or Sonoma before, then I highly recommend checking out my articles on planning a day in Napa and the best transportation to use if you’re looking for a driver.

Ok, here’s the list!

Cost Conscious Options ($40 and under per tasting)

Miner Family
Napa Cellars
Cliff Lede
Domaine Carneros
Frogs Leap

Mid-Level (Above $40 per tasting)

Ashes & Diamonds
Hall Winery views
Clos Du Val
BROWN tasting room
AXR Winery
Photo by Alpha Omega Winery
Louis M Martini (Food & Wine experience)

Luxury (Appointment Only)

Theorem Winery
Vineyard 7&8
Davis Estates
Joseph Phelps