Why You Should Visit the Culinary Institute of America in Napa

Calling All Foodies! The CIA at Copia in Napa is a Food Lover’s Paradise

I recently had the chance to visit this gem in Napa called The CIA at Copia and as we concluded our tour my only regret was the fact that I hadn’t discovered this place sooner. Its kind of like an amusement park for adults, including everything from cooking classes to a culinary arts museum. Here are some of the highlights from my visit:

Restaurant and Food Hall:

There is no doubt that this place was built with foodies and winos in mind. The Food Hall and Restaurant have a plethora of options from cheese plates to dumplings. It was hard to refrain from ordering everything off the menu.

Food Demonstrations

We took a brunch-themed cooking demonstration, where we learned how to make savory ham and cheese scones and Shaksuka, which is a mediterranean dish that I will definitely make at home.

State-of-The-Art Kitchen

This brand new kitchen is where a lot of the action happens. They hold many of their hands-on classes here, from knife skills to easy entertaining. And for all of you wine lovers, check out classes like Mastering the Grape and Pairing Basics.

Chuck Williams Culinary Arts Museum

And last but not least is the Culinary Arts Museum. The first thing that will catch your eye as you walk in is the entire wall filled with copper bundt cake pans (definitely the largest collection Ive ever seen in my life). There’s also a beautiful display of kitchen tools that will take you back in time with some pretty interesting gadgets that were used decades ago.


Don’t forget to book your wine tasting or cooking class at The CIA at Copia during your next Napa Visit. Have fun!