Mouth-Watering Wine & Take Out Food Pairings

Sometimes the best nights involve take out, wine, and a movie. But not all wine and “comfort foods” go together. So to make your next lazy night in easier, I’ve listed my favorite take out foods below along with the best wines for you to open with each of them. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Sushi & Riesling

Sushi is one of my favorite dinners but raw fish and rice can be a tricky pairing with wine. Riesling is typically well-balanced and acidic, which makes it a great pair with sushi. I enjoy this German Riesling called Lösslehm Riesling trocken from Von Oetinger.

Pizza & Pinot Noir

Any time we order pizza, I always reach for a pinot noir. I love a medium-bodied, earthy pinot noir. With that said, try a pinot noir from Walt Wines and you won’t be disappointed.

BBQ & Zinfandel

BBQ is the ultimate comfort food and is always packed full of zesty flavor. Zinfandel typically has peppery and spicy flavors which makes it the perfect pairing for ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, and just about anything off the grill. If you’re looking for some good BBQ Zinfandel, check out Dutcher Crossing.

Tacos & Champagne

Taco Tuesday, anyone? Or how about Taco Friday, Saturday, and Sunday? I love tacos but tacos don’t always love to be paired with wine since they can be full of some powerful flavors and spices. With that said, I always recommend pairing tacos with Champagne (or sparkling wine) since the bubbles and acidity will cut right through the spice. Try Canard-Duchene Champagne or Schramsberg Sparkling Wine.

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