It’s Global Champagne Day So Here’s What You Should Drink

Public service announcement: October 19th is Global Champagne Day. Did you forget to buy champagne to celebrate the holiday? Don’t fret, here’s your guide for what to buy. Trust me, these ones are good.


  1. Canard-Duchene Authentic Brut

    This champagne house was founded in 1868 and is known to be one of Champagne’s hidden treasures. Although this is a brut champagne, it brings a light touch of sweetness.

  2. Moet & Chandon Imperial

    This famous champagne comes from Luxury brand LVMH – also famous for Louis Vuitton, ever heard of them?  Similar to their handbags (that we all wish we owned), the champagne is elegant and seductive. Tastes fruity, citrusy and lightly sweet.

  3. Veuve Cliquot

    A signature brut champagne that is known for making its luxury champagnes since 1772. The signature yellow label brut tastes like ripe apples and grapefruit. If someone offers you a glass of Veuve, I highly recommend not saying no.

  4. Taittinger

    The Taittinger champagne house was founded in 1734. It’s a well-structured champagne with bright citrus flavors. Pairs flawlessly with oysters.

  5. Ruinart Blanc de Blancs

    Ruinart is the oldest established champagne house (est. 1729) and is arguably the best champagne you will ever taste. The champagne is vibrant and fresh with flavors of lemon and crème brûlée.

Happy Global Champagne day, wine lovers!