How To Build A German-Inspired Charcuterie Board

Celebrate Oktoberfest at home with these delicious German wine and cheese pairings.

How To Build A German-Inspired Cheese Board

Whether you’re preparing for Oktoberfest or you just have a thing for salty soft pretzels and gooey delicious cheese, you’ll love this German-inspired charcuterie board. I have recently been discovering the greatness of German wines (hello, Riesling!) which is what inspired me to build this board.

Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to build your own German-inspired charcuterie board at home. Don’t forget to scroll down for some DELICIOUS wine pairings!

Also, check out this recipe for the homemade pretzel and cheese dip recipe!

Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Build A German-Inspired Cheese Board

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Wine & Cheese Pairings

Brie and Riesling

An ultra creamy, soft, and butter brie is a perfect pairing with a punchy, acidic, and aromatic Riesling. The Riesling is a perfect contrast to the creaminess of the brie.

Cheddar Dip and Gewürztraminer

This cheddar dip recipe (which you can find here) includes mustard which gives it a little kick. I really enjoyed this dip with a Gewürztraminer, which is an aromatic wine that typically has a slight spiciness to it. Gewürztraminer is a wine that originated in Germany, but it is actually most commonly found in other countries like France, Moldova, and Italy.

Comté and Spätburgunder

Comté is actually a french cheese made with unpasteurized cow’s milk. Its typically fairly mild with nutty and earthy flavors. This pairs perfectly with a classic German Spätburgunder with cherry, cranberry, and subtle earthy notes as well.

Gouda and Blaufränkisch

A moderately aged Gouda has hints of nuts and a slightly sweet flavor. Try it with a Blaufränkisch, which is typically a medium-bodied red wine with hints of allspice and black cherry.

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German Inspired cheese board for Oktoberfest