Discover These Unforgettable Sonoma County Wine Tastings

So you’re planning a trip to California wine country. You’re looking for an interactive and fun wine experience that you’ll never forget, but you’re drowning in options. Well, you’re in luck, because I have not one but TWO wine tasting experiences in Sonoma County that you CAN. NOT. MISS.

Robert Young Vineyard Tasting

Robert Young Winery

What’s more alluring than being welcomed with a glass of wine, escorted through a beautiful vineyard, greeted by horses, and shaded by a giant oak tree while tasting top-notch Cabernets in the vineyards? I think nothing. Robert Young Winery is built on a 6th generation family-owned property. There’s no question that they’re deeply passionate about their wine and refer to it as “a way of life” (I can relate). Their wines are exceptional and being the Cabernet Sauvignon nut that I am, I couldn’t help but fall in love with their Alexander Valley Cab. Check out their wine tasting experiences here.

Kristen and Allison greeted by horse in the vineyard at Robert Young Winery
Horses at Robert Young Winery
Two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc at Robert Young wine tasting room
Robert Young Welcome Wine

Gary Farrell Winery

Cheese plates and wine at Gary Farrell Tasting Room
Gary Farrell Inspiration Tasting

Sure you could go on a hike for a good view. OR you could go to the newly remodeled, stylish tasting room at Gary Farrell and enjoy an elevated wine experience while taking in incredible views. Your choice (I think you know mine). We couldn’t stop drooling as we enjoyed the “inspiration tasting”, which is a Pinot Noir tasting paired with mouth-watering cheeses that are hand-selected by the Estate Sommelier. Each of the wines come from a different California vineyard and have their own unique (and delicious) flavors. Do I really need to explain further why this winery experience is a fantastic idea? Take a look at their wine experiences here.

Happy wine tasting (and be sure to say I sent you)!

wine glasses overlooking beautiful views at gary farrell wine tasting room
Gary Farrell Views
Kristen sitting on couch at Gary Farrell wine tasting room
Tasting Room at Gary Farrell Winery

*All images by Elise Aileen Photography