50 Best Gifts For Wine Lovers

The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Wino In Your Life

As Holiday gifting season is fast approaching, its time to start strategizing your shopping plans. And to help you get a head start on your Holiday shopping, I’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for all of the wine lovers in your life. Whether you’re looking for a small stocking stuffer or a luxurious present to give to your loved ones and friends, I’ve got you covered. Happy shopping!

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Bathtub Tray

Take your bath to the next level with this bamboo bathtub caddy. Includes wine glass holder, tablet holder, and a cellphone tray.

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“Come Back With Wine” Door Mat

This door mat is just plain adorable and was clearly made for wine lovers.

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Sugarfina Champagne Gummies Gift Set

Adorable gift set for the sweet tooth and champagne lovers of the world. Add these gummies to your champagne for a cute drink.

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“All I Want For Christmas is Wine” – Christmas T-shirt f or Women

Cute and trendy T-shirt for to help you express your love for the holidays and wine.

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Coffee Now, Wine Later Print

Cute typography print to brighten up your home.

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Portovino Wine Bag

This bag is not only stylish but it also has a pouch and spout for carrying and pouring your wine on the go.

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Faux Fur Wine Tote

This winter wine tote is the perfect way to gift some delicious wine to your friends and party hosts, in style.

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Iron Caddy Wine Carrier

This iron wine caddy can double as both a functional wine carrier as well as a decor item in your home.

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Wine Socks

These cozy and funny socks are always a hit for wine lovers.

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“Probably Wine” Coffee Mug

Whether they fill it with wine or coffee, your gift recipient will put this mug to good use.

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Silver Tray

This stylish tray is great for coffee table decor or placing your drinks for parties.

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The Coravin is the answer to all wine lovers dreams. With this gadget, you can pour yourself a glass of wine without uncorking a bottle of wine. Without question one of my favorite wine tools.

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Serving Tray

This serving tray is extremely versatile. Great for appetizers, drinks, and glasses when you have guests over.

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Wine Membership at Winc

Get your wine lover a gift card that they will fall in love with. Winc is what I like to call the wine club for millenials. This wine club first asks you to take a survey so they can learn more about your taste in wine and will ship you wines that are catered to your palate.

Swoon Wine Carafe

Every wine lover needs a nice carafe. This curvy carafe allows wine to breathe and pours very easily.

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Gourmet Gift Basket

Nothing like cheese, crackers, La Marca Prosecco, and cookies to put a (big) smile on someone’s face

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Wine Set Picnic Basket

Great for the picnic lovers in your life. Includes wine glasses, napkins, a corkscrew, and a cheese board to easy picnics on the go.

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Wine Folly Book

The Wine Folly book is like the bible for wine. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in wine, this book always makes a good gift.

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Wine Themed Dish Towel

Because you can never have too many dish towels.

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Wine Wipes

Never have purple teeth again. Every wine lover knows to always carry at least one of these with them at all times.

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Olivewood Wine Set

This beautiful wine set is built for both storage and display.

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Chocolate & Wine Pairing Kit

Artisan chocolates that were hand-crafted to pair with flavor profiles to match different wines. Fun gift that also makes a fun tasting activity.

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Wood Marble Square Platter

Because we all know that behind every wine lover is a good cheese board.

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Gift Card to Wine.com

Wine.com is one of my favorite websites for wine shopping and the perfect gift card to give to your wine loving friends if you don’t know which wines to get them. They have an extensive wine selection from countries all over the world.



The Chambong is a guaranteed hit for parties.

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Customizable Wine Labels

These beautiful leather labels are hands-down my favorite wine labels ever created.

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Marble Wine Cooler

Stylish and functional for keeping your champagne or wine bottle chilled for hours.

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Customizable Wine Tasting Set

A fun and unique gift that you can personalize with names or quotes.

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Portable Wine Picnic Set

How cute is this picnic set? Love the backpack style for portable picnics.

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Wine Glass Writer

The solution to never losing your wine glass at a party. Non-toxic, temporary markers for writing on your wine glasses.

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Champagne Set

This champagne set is both sleek and classy. Includes a champagne bucket for storing and chilling.

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Corkscrew with Walnut Handle

Stylish corkscrew with black matte body and walnut handle.

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Wine Cooler (32-bottle)

The gift that every wine lover dreams of receiving.

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Wine Cooler (24-bottle)

Includes dual-zone feature for chilling both reds and whites at different temperatures.

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Wine Rack

One of my favorite purchases for displaying my wines in style.

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Jardesca Holiday Spritz Gift Set

Cute gift package with ingredients for assembling a simple and delicious Holiday spritz drink.


Silver Beverage Tub

Just add ice and champagne and you’re ready for a party.

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Slate Cheese Board

Includes soapstone chalk for writing down the types of cheese you’re serving.

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Riedel Wine Glasses

Riedel is probably one of the most widely used wine glasses for obvious reasons. They build their glasses to enhance the taste and scent of your wine.

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Yeti Wine Tumbler

Yeti is famous for their coolers, but what about wine tumblers? Great solution for campers and hikers that love to wind down with a nice glass of chilled wine at the end of the day.

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Stemless Wine Glasses

Everyone needs some stemless wine glasses in their lives and these gold-dipped glasses would be a great addition to your collection.

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Vinglace Wine Cooler

The Vinglace is a stainless steel, double walled, and vacuum insulated wine cooler to keep your  champagne and white wine chilled for hours.

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Oak & Bond Coffee

Since you probably don’t typically start your day with a glass of wine, why not drink wine-flavored coffee? This Oak & Bond coffee is aged in wine barrels, which gives it a savory and smooth flavor unlike any coffee you’ve ever tasted.

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Rewined Candle

One of my friends gave this to me as a gift and needless to say, I loved it.

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“This is Probably Wine” Travel Mug

Similar to the coffee mug, this travel mug is great for wine and coffee lovers who are typically on the move.

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Mini Wine Barrel

This wine barrel can be customized which makes it perfect for home decor as well a way to store wine during parties.

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Wine Tote

A fun way to carry wine, especially for warm summer days outside on the patio.

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Metallic Wine Tumblers

Beautiful stemless wine tumblers for just about any occasion.

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Wine Carafe with Wood Stoppers

Beautifully crafted carafe with unique wood stoppers to make them stand out

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Wine Aerator

A wine aerator is an easy way of expediting the wine breathing process. Great aerator for enhancing your wine experience.

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