5 Undeniably Perfect Wines For Your Thanksgiving Feast

Must-have wines for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s basically the super bowl of eating and drinking wine. Who doesn’t love an excuse to sip on delicious wine, eat good food, and hang out with people you love all day? I’ve put together a list of my MUST-HAVE wines for Thanksgiving that will be sure to leave your family and guests both happy and full.

Champagne or Sparkling Wine with Party Mix

If there’s one piece of advice that you remember from this post it’s this: Always start with bubbles. Champagne is focused on celebration and it will get your guests excited. Since salt balances acidic wine, there’s no better pairing for champagne then a bowl of party mix. This family always has bowls of party mix laying around over the holidays.

Chardonnay with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Every Thanksgiving table has mashed potatoes which means that every Thanksgiving table should have some chardonnay as well. The creamy, buttery texture of the potatoes always goes well with a smooth, well-rounded chardonnay.

Beaujolais Nouveau with Turkey & Cranberry Sauce

Turkey is the star of she meal and its no secret that Beaujolais Nouveau is the perfect match for it. It’s a light, fruity red wine from the Gamay grape that goes very well with turkey and all the fixings. Check out the French aisle in your local wine shop and I guarantee you’ll find some good ones!

Pinot Noir with Stuffing

Stuffing is one of my favorite dishes and its a great match with one of my favorite varietals: Pinot Noir. It’s a light-bodied wine with a juiciness that typically complements food very well. I love how the bright red fruit and slight earthiness of a pinot noir pairs with a savory, flavorful side of stuffing.

Tawny Port with Pumpkin Pie

Just when you thought you were so full you couldn’t eat another bite, that craving for something sweet always strikes! Open some Tawny Port alongside some pumpkin pie and your guests will be in heaven. The sweet caramel and spice flavors of the port will bring out the best in grandma’s pumpkin pie.

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